The #tunnelgelmini explained to the world

di Wallace Henry Hartley

gelmini-20081101_gelmini1.jpg (500×646)On 23 September 2011 the Italian Minister of Education Maria Stella Gelmini attracted widespread criticism and ridicule for a statement released on the Education ministry website, with regard to the breakthrough at the Gran Sasso laboratory in Abruzzo, Italy, where neutrino particles were recorded at a speed greater than the speed of light. Among other inaccuracies, the statement wrongly declares that the Italian Government had contributed to building a tunnel between the Gran Sasso laboratory and CERN in Switzerland (such a tunnel does not exist and it is obviously impossible to realise, as the two locations are ~750 km apart). The statement caused an uproar in the italian public, which considered unacceptable for an Education Minister to engage in such a colossal display of ignorance. [from]